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Even Robert Kiyosaki, Philip Kotler and Al Ries highlight the importance of the right brain in their latest books and seminars.

Surprisingly, there are same characteristics between IQ and the left brain: cognitive, realistic, mathematical, explicit, and self-centric. It shows that IQ is closely related to the left brain. There are same characteristics between EQ and the right brain: affective, empathic, flexible, implicit, and other-centric. It shows that EQ is closely related to the right brain.

As all known, it is not IQ which determines the success; it is the EQ. Conclusively, the right brain determines the success!

We also find that the leaders, the entrepreneurs, and the inventors are more right-brained. Ironically, all of us were raised with the left-brained education; from primary school to higher education. No wonder, today all of us are more left-brained. Definitely, these inspiring books are the solutions!