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002 - How to Sharp Your Creativity, Imagination & Intuition, within 1 Month + Right Brain Tips ($ 12 Value)

002 - How to Sharp Your Creativity, Imagination & Intuition, within 1 Month + Right Brain Tips ($ 12 Value)
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Now I want to ask you; “Dare you stay out alone in the middle of a cemetery at 1.00 am? Come on, give an honest answer!


I am sure that most of you, readers, will shake your heads strongly. I ask you again, if you had company, would you then be brave enough? If you are accompanied by the whole population in your neighborhood, you’ll surely do it, right? If something wrong or scary happens there, who will help you? These other people may just run and leave you alone in the middle of the cemetery. So with company (even though their contribution is small or non-existent) you may be able to do something that you thought was impossible. I mean it. I am serious.


To make it happen, use your imaginative right brain. Look at the invisible. In this case you do not have to put a roof on your mind construction. This way your mind might jump or even roam aimlessly. You have to notice this. One of the reasons why left-brained people are limited in their achievement is that they limit their thoughts. With reasoning being their excuse, they put a roof to their own thoughts.  A very short roof, indeed. What a pity!


Please notice that your mind is the foundation, not the roof. And, please be informed that all you have to do is define your goal and this belongs to the right brain job descriptions. The next steps are for the left brain to deal with and let it do its own business. In brief, start with the right and follow up with the left. Should I repeat? Start with the right and proceed with the left.

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